Fulton County District Attorney Candidates Debate On ‘Closer Look’

On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Incumbent District Attorney Candidate Paul Howard and challenger Fani Willis join host Rose Scott for a debate, ahead the start of early voting on Monday.

Beginning July 20, Fulton County residents will have the opportunity to cast their ballots in-person in the run-off race for district attorney.

Incumbent Paul Howard is seeking a seventh term in office. His challenger, Fani Willis, is his former chief deputy prosecutor.

Ahead of early voting on Monday, both candidates joined “Closer Look” host Rose Scott by Zoom for a debate.

In his opening statement, Howard said, since taking office in 1997, he has reduced the crime rate in Fulton County.

“I am asking you to re-elect me as district attorney based on all of the success we’ve had before, but also to allow me to work with our community and with this country to reform policing,” Howard said.

Meanwhile, in her opening remarks, Willis pointed to her own record as prosecutor, defense attorney and chief judge for the city of South Fulton.

“I will offer fairness to citizens, I will offer fairness to elected officials, and I will offer fairness to police,” Willis said. “But should any of those groups — the police, elected officials, or citizens — break the law, I will be here to prosecute them after their due process has been given.”

The candidates then went on to address topics including investigating police misconduct, reducing violent crime rates, mass incarceration, and promoting transparency within the district attorney’s office.


  • Fulton County Incumbent District Attorney Candidate Paul Howard
  • Challenger Fani Willis

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