Fulton County Prepares For Runoffs, Amid Unfounded Attacks Over November Election

Fulton County chair Robb Pitts says he’s been frustrated by the unfounded attacks on the integrity of Fulton County elections workers and staff.

Emil Moffatt/WABE

The integrity of Fulton County elections officials and employees has been the subject of relentless and baseless attacks following the November elections by ardent supporters and lawyers for President Donald Trump.

The conspiracy theory that Fulton acted illegally to throw the Georgia’s election to Joe Biden has been de-bunked by state elections officials.

“Giving oxygen to this continued disinformation, is leading to a continuing erosion of people’s belief in our elections and our processes,” said Gabriel Sterling with the Secretary of State’s office.

The attempt by Trump lawyers to disqualify thousands of legally cast ballots in Fulton County has also overshadowed, at times, the turnaround effort for Fulton County, which eliminated many of the long lines and technical problems it experienced during the June primaries.

“To hear people who have no idea what they’re talking about continue to make baseless claims about what happened or did not happen within Fulton County, it is frustrating,” said Fulton County chairman Robb Pitts.

Pitts said he’s continually asked those making accusations to present specific evidence of fraud. But, to date, he’s seen nothing, he says.

“Our goal has been from day 1 to conduct an open a fair and a transparent election on Nov. 3 and that’s exactly what we did,” said Pitts.

Pitts says the threat environment created by some supporters of President Trump won’t sway Fulton’s election workers from staffing the Jan. 5 U.S. Senate runoff election.

“I have no doubt whatsoever as to whether or not we will have enough workers and trained workers,” said Pitts. “We will also have the necessary and requisite amount of technicians available at each of the 254 precincts in the event that there’s any problems with any of the equipment.”

Early voting begins Monday in Fulton County and across Georgia.