Fulton County Schools Adopts 90-Day Probation Period for New Employees

Credit Martha Dalton/WABE News
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The Fulton County school board this week approved a 90-day probationary period for new hires. The measure will allow the district to let those employees go during the first semester even though they’ve signed a contract.  The move has been criticized by teachers’ groups, who say it will make it hard for the district to attract good teachers.

But Fulton County Superintendent Robert Avossa said the policy isn’t meant to penalize those who are new to the profession.

“The vast majority of issues that we have aren’t necessarily with brand-new teachers,” Avossa said, “They’re the, wink-wink, ‘They’re a great teacher,” local district 50 miles away or in another state who say, ‘Oh, we hate to lose this individual.’ We interview them, we think it’s right, they show up, and they’re not adding any value at all.”

The Fulton County school system is operating as a charter district. The designation allows the district to implement the new 90-day trial period.