Fulton County Schools Starts Teacher Search Early

The Fulton County schools plans to hold six teacher job fairs in the next two months.
Credit Matt Slocum / Associated Press
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Usually, metro Atlanta school systems hold job fairs for prospective teachers in the spring. But some districts have moved up the schedule this year.

The Cobb County schools has some fairs scheduled for January, and Fulton County plans to hold six job fairs in the next two months.

Leticia Jones, a talent management coordinator and district recruiter with the Fulton County schools, says the shift isn’t due to an unusual number of vacancies.

“What we call this in recruiting is really the ‘courtship,’ and it’s really everyone taking the time out to see if our district is a good fit for you, and we’re trying to see if you’re a good fit for us,” she says.

Jones says Fulton wants to get a head start on hiring for the upcoming school year. Because Fulton County is about 90 miles long, the job fairs will be held in different parts of the county to focus on hiring in those areas.

“Because they are specific to learning communities, we thought that it was important for future candidates, and future colleagues really, to get a snapshot of the community in which they desire to teach in,” she says. “You don’t always get that at a larger function.”

Jones says the district is changing its strategy to make teacher recruitment a year-round effort.

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