Fulton health director on high levels of COVID transmission

Fulton County District Health Director Dr. Lynn Paxton (Courtesy of Lynn Paxton)

Last week the Centers for Disease Control placed Fulton county in the high category for COVID-19 transmission.

Fulton joins more than a hundred Georgia counties across the state in reporting high levels of COVID in recent weeks. That’s for the Omicron subvariants BA-4 and BA-5.

The C-D-C is recommending Fulton residents wear masks indoors, get tested if symptomatic, and stay up to date with Covid vaccinations.

“What our data shows us crystal clearly is that vaccinations are highly effective at keeping people out of the hospital and keeping them from dying, said Dr. Lynn Paxton, Health Director for Fulton County. “You don’t need to bring your life to a stop; you just need to take some smart precautions.”

Dr. Paxton joined Morning Edition to talk about health safety measure the county is taking.

Officials say there have been 4,418 cases confirmed in the past two weeks in Fulton, and Covid patients currently occupy more than 6 percent of regional hospital beds.

The county has begun working with Emory University to test its wastewater for COVID, as well as monkeypox.

Health officials say regular wastewater testing can show if viral load increases or decreases in very defined areas.

Keeping on top of those variations can help them slow pending outbreaks.

Meantime, people are carrying on with summer activities and preparing to go back to school as all have grown used to lighter restrictions.