Ga. House Bill To Allow Medical Marijuana For Autism, PTSD

Georgia lawmakers are considering a proposal that would expand the list of qualiying medical conditions for cannabis oil use.
Credit Brennan Linsley / AP Photo, File
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A Georgia House panel heard testimony on Tuesday on a bill that would allow more conditions to be eligible for treatment by medical cannabis oil. 

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Current state law, which was passed two years ago, allows Georgians to use the oil if they have one of a limited number of conditions, like cancer and sickle cell disease. The bill would expand that list by eight conditions, including autism and PTSD.  

State Rep. Allen Peake is sponsoring the measure.

“Medical cannabis oil has not become a public health risk in the two years the law has been in place,” Peake said. “It has not led to DUIS for being under the influence of low THC oil.”

The state Senate recently passed its own version of a medical cannabis oil bill. That measure would add autism to the list of eligible conditions, but would also reduce the THC level, or potency, of medical cannabis.