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In the Garden with Geri: Planting a Container Garden

Credit Geri Laufer

  Spring is here, but you don’t need a backyard to plant a garden. Host John Lemley visits with horticulturist Geri Laufer–to plant a garden delicious enough to eat, and small enough to keep on the porch.

How to Plant your Own Container Garden

You’ll need…

-One extra-large pot, tub or planter box with good drainage (hole or holes in the bottom).

-One piece of old screen (can be cut with old scissors) over the drainage hole to keep soil mix from seeping out.

-Potting mix with both water-holder and long-term, slow-release nutrients

Select plants based on the type of conditions you have; shade plants for northern balconies, veggies herbs or flowers for full sun.

The idea for containers is:

  • a single tall plant in the middle (Thriller)
  • 2 kinds of Filler plants of mid-height (these can add color if you are making a herb or veggie container)
  • 1 kind of Spiller trailing plants

Here’s the container “recipe” that Geri and John planted:

  • “Thriller:” 1 tomato plant plus 1 tomato cage (3-hoops)
  • Filler:” oregano and annual flowers (like marigold, small size)
  • “Spiller:” trailing thyme