George R.R. Martin and Vincent D'Onofrio present animated short 'Night of the Cooters' at Atlanta Film Festival

Writer and television producer George R.R. Martin (left) and actor and director Vincent D’Onofrio (right) at the “Night of the Cooters” film screening at the 2023 Atlanta Film Festival. (Courtesy of Shawn Taylor)

The 47th annual Atlanta Film Festival wrapped up this weekend after having brought hundreds of new, independent, international, animated, documentary, and short films to our city.

One film that checked boxes in two of those categories, both animated and short, was “Night of the Cooters,” directed by Vincent D’Onofrio and produced by George R.R. Martin. Based off of a short story by the same name written by Howard Waldrop, the animated film tells the story of an alien invasion of a small western town in the 1800s. 

In this feature, “City Lights,” senior producer Kim Drobes spoke with Game of Thrones writer and television producer George R.R. Martin, actor and director Vincent D’Onofrio, and Executive Director of the Atlanta Film Society, Chris Escobar on the red carpet at the Atlanta Film Festival.

More information about the new animated short, “Night of the Cooters,” is available here.