Georgia Equality renews push for a statewide nondiscrimination civil rights bill

Allies and supporters of Georgia's LGBTQ community hold signs and wooden flowers to obscure hate-filled signs from religious protesters during the city's annual Gay Pride Festival in Atlanta on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. (AP Photo/Robin Rayne)

Jeff Graham, the executive director of Georgia Equality, has been fighting for the rights of people in the LGBTQ+ community since the mid-80s.

“I can look in the rearview mirror and I can see how far we’ve come,” said  Graham on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

Graham further explained that one of the most significant changes that have happened over the years is that many families are now relatively more supportive of their LGBTQ+ family members.

During the conversation, Graham also talked about Georgia Equality’s top priorities for the 2023 legislative session.

“Our number one goal is to pass a statewide nondiscrimination civil rights bill,” said Graham. “Georgia is one of three states that does not have one on the books that protects any community whatsoever.”