Georgia lawmaker discusses concerns about HB 501 and SB 367

Immigration advocates cross the street to the Georgia State Capiol on February 14, 2023. (Matthew Pearson/WABE)

It’s week six of the Georgia legislative session. Several controversial bills have been introduced this legislative session, and some lawmakers have concerns — specifically about HB 501 and SB 367.

House Bill 501 was recently returned to a committee to be potentially reworded. However, critics, such as state Rep. Lisa Campbell, say the Republican bill would loosen the state’s child labor laws.

On Monday’s edition of “Closer Look,” host Rose Scott first spoke with WABE politics reporter Rahul Bali about a medical emergency during a Senate hearing. Rep. Campbell then explains her opposition to HB 501 and SB 367, which, if passed, would eliminate voter drop boxes across the state.

Baili then explains the proposed bills and discusses what he’s hearing from other lawmakers.