Georgia native Mark Pettit releases fictionalized autobiography, 'ANKRBOY'

Former Atlanta TV news anchor Mark Pettit's book "ANKRBOY" is available now. (Courtesy of Mark Pettit)

A new memoir by former Atlanta TV news anchorman Mark Pettit invites us along for the rollercoaster ride of his career, and the decades-long tightrope walk Mark performed hiding his queer sexuality while keeping up an Emmy-winning career in the public eye.

ANKRBOY” is Mark Pettit’s fictionalized autobiography, following his life from growing up gay in Calhoun, Georgia, landing positions on the nightly news in Chattanooga, Omaha and Atlanta, and covering some of the biggest stories of the ‘80s and ‘90s, including the devastating AIDS epidemic.

Mark Pettit’s autobiography “ANKRBOY.” (Courtesy of Mark Pettit)

Mark Pettit, journalist-turned-author, actor and screenwriter, joined Lois Reitzes on “City Lights” to share more about his new tell-all chronicle of a closeted life in the spotlight.