Georgia State University creates student-led music distribution company, MTM Standard

Professors Al Thrash (left) and Ben Yonas (right) are creators of MTM Standard (Courtesy of Steven Thackston, Georgia State University)

Giving young people a head start in the music business is at the heart of an innovative venture at Georgia State University. MTM Standard is their new student-led, student-managed music distribution company.

The collective helps student musicians manage the release of their projects, learn the ropes of digital distribution and promotion and even get songs placed in media through licensing.

In this interview, “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes is joined by professors Al Thrash and Ben Yonas, creators of MTM Standard.

Also joining the conversation are recent Georgia State Grad Omar Ruiz, musically known as Dreliu, and Georgia State junior Noa Freeman, musically known as Noa, both of whom are signed to MTM Standard. 

More information about MTM Standard is available here.