Good Charcoal Company CEO talks sustainability, mission to address food insecurity

The Good Charcoal Company CEO Ben Jablonski, left, joined “Closer Look” to talk about his company’s work in sustainable charcoal and using profits to benefit food pantries throughout the U.S. (Courtesy Photo)

The USDA reports more than 34 million people, including 9 million children, face food insecurity in the United States. For households with incomes below the federal poverty line, nearly a third lack consistent access to quality food.

One private company looking to address food insecurity is doing so through an unexpected product: charcoal.

On this edition of “Closer Look,” the Good Charcoal Company CEO Ben Jablonski talks about the company’s work in sourcing charcoal from acacia bush overgrowth in Namibia and using proceeds to partner with food pantries across the U.S. – including in Atlanta.

“We actually started this program before we had a dollar of revenue,” Jablonski said. “This is going to be a part of what we do for the whole life of the company and it’s just the reason why we wake up in the morning, to do this.”