Gwinnett Commission approves $17B transit plan to cover whole county

Map of proposed Shared Ride service that would give transit access to all of Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County's proposed Transit Development Plan would cover 100% of the county by 2033. The plan was approved by the County Commission on September 19, 2023. (Gwinnett County Commission)

Gwinnett County commissioners on Tuesday approved a $17 billion transit plan, which includes a mix of regular and rapid bus service, which would triple the number of people with access to transit.

It also has a microtransit or shared ride that will connect the rest of the county with an on-demand service by 2033.

“You will be able to get anywhere in Gwinnett without a car. With this new plan, they have created a transit network that provides an alternative for everyone in Gwinnett,” said Commissioner Ben Ku.

The Transit Development Plan, which took 18 months to develop, is being sent to the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) for review to be added to the ATL’s Regional Transit Plan.

The proposal also includes two hourly services to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, with one starting at the 985 Park & Ride in Buford and the other beginning in Snellville.

“We thank the whole process because it was that perception that no one cared about the south part of Gwinnett or even the southeastern part of Gwinnett,” said Commissioner Jasper Watkins. “And I think what this plan shows is that perception was not reality.”

The proposed implementation would begin in 2026.

Gwinnett’s existing transit services are funded with property tax dollars, federal dollars, grants and rider fares.

This proposal would move funding away from property taxes and toward a dedicated 1% sales tax, along with tapping billions of additional federal dollars. The sales tax would have been approved through a voter referendum, possibly next year.

Read the proposed transit plan below here, from pages 128-177.