Gwinnett County To Install ‘Smart’ Traffic Signals

Gwinnett County is about to see “smart” stop lights.

Pixabay Images

Gwinnett County will start installing automated traffic signals on some major roadways.

The new traffic lights use wireless connections and traffic cameras to help regulate traffic flow.

They will be installed over the next year on four major highways in Gwinnett County, like Ronald Reagan Parkway, State Route 316, Old Peachtree Road, and Five Forks Trickum Road.

Joe Caloggero, a traffic engineer with The Traffic Group, said these types of lights are most effective during rush hour.

“You want all the signals communicating better and timed properly so when the first signal is released there’s an opportunity for you to hit multiple green signals as you progress further along that roadway,” Caloggero said.

Gwinnett traffic officials can also intervene when needed from the county’s traffic control center.

“For the most part, it’s more if there is an unusual situation, congestion is worse than usual whether it be due to an accident or some other challenge at an intersection,” said Tom Sever who’s with Gwinnett’s Department of Transportation. “Then we could make adjustments.”

The lights will cost close to $4.5 million to install and Georgia’s Department of Transportation will fund about 80 percent of the project.

Fifty-five new traffic-monitoring cameras are being installed and 31 signals are getting the technology upgrade.