H. Johnson uplifts jazz violinist Regina Carter and her rendition of classic 'Don't Explain'

H. Johnson (WABE)

WABE’s H. Johnson has been a fixture on our station since 1978. As host of both “Blues Classics” and “Jazz Classics,” H. continually educates and entertains WABE listeners every Friday and Saturday night.

H. joins “City Lights” every other Friday to share a bit from his breadth of jazz knowledge. The segment “H. Johnson’s Jazz Moment” explores selections from the best of H.’s music collection, along with tidbits from history, personal reflections, and his thoughts on the evergreen resonance of jazz. 

In this segment, H. Johnson featured young violinist Regina Carter. 

“She has made the violin come back,” H said. “She studied the Suzuki method of learning the violin. The Suzuki method is when you teach a student by listening instead of reading skills…”

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