Here’s A List Of Gun Bills In The Georgia Legislature Right Now

Several gun-related bills for lawmakers to consider are in the Georgia Legislature this year.


The recent school shooting in Florida has stirred up many familiar American debates over gun rights and regulations.

In Georgia, gun control advocates are expected to take their cause to the state Capitol on Wednesday, as others prepare to join national protests being planned by student survivors.

Here’s a roundup of gun-related measures before the Georgia Legislature this year:

  • Three separate proposals would allow people to carry firearms without a permit into parks and recreational areas.
  • On the gun control side, a pair of bills aims to require proof of some kind of firearms safety training in order to receive a weapons carry license. Currently, no training is needed in Georgia.
  • One measure would ban people convicted on domestic violence charges from owning guns and require them to give up the ones they have.
  • State Democrats are continuing their push to ban assault weapons and some kinds of ammunition.
  • There’s also a proposed state-level bump stock ban, although President Trump instructed the Department of Justice to act to ban them Tuesday.
  • One that has support on both sides? Changing a state law that requires the Georgia Bureau Investigation to purge records of people permanently prohibited from owning guns due to mental illness. Those rolls are now cleared after five years.