High Museum, Other Atlanta Spots Featured In ‘Black Panther’

“Black Panther” superstar Chadwick Boseman died Friday after a four-year private battle with colon cancer. He was 43.

Marvel Studios/Disney via AP

The blockbuster movie “Black Panther” depicts a fictional futuristic country in Africa called Wakanda. But fans might be surprised to learn that many location shoots for the film were done in Georgia.

Here’s a list from Georgia Tourism of destinations in Atlanta and elsewhere in the state that were used as stand-ins for sites in the movie.

London, South Korea And New York

Scenes from the movie "Black Panther" depicting the fictional Museum of Great Britain were filmed at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. (Roland Alonzi/Georgia Tourism via AP)
Scenes from the movie “Black Panther” depicting the fictional Museum of Great Britain were filmed at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. (Roland Alonzi/Georgia Tourism via AP)

In the movie, an ax from Wakanda made of the precious vibranium metal is stolen from the fictional Museum of Great Britain in London. In reality, the exterior shot of the museum in the movie shows Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree St. NW.

Atlanta also stood in for South Korea, including scenes featuring the fish market and casino entrance exterior, with shoots at Atlanta’s Metropolitan Business and Arts District. Visitors there will find art studios, galleries, workshops and more at 675 Metropolitan Parkway SW.

Atlanta stood in for New York, too. The interior of Atlanta’s City Hall, 55 Trinity Ave., was used in a post-credit scene where T’Challa addresses the United Nations about Wakanda’s new commitment to global development. Tours of City Hall are available but must be scheduled 30 days in advance.

The Farm, The Airfield, The Quarry

The battle between T’Challa and Erik Killmonger appears to unfold on an epic African landscape. But, in fact, Georgia Tourism says it was filmed at Bouckaert Farm, also known as Chattahoochee Hills Eventing , an urban farm with pastures and woodlands along the Chattahoochee River, about 15 miles from the Atlanta airport, at 9445 Browns Lake Road, Fairburn.

The scene where arms dealer Ulysses Klaue is shot by Killmonger is set in an airfield in South Korea. The location for this scene was an abandoned airfield in Griffin. The airfield is not open to the public, but Griffin has a historic downtown that has been used for filming in “The Walking Dead,” ”The Hunger Games” and other films and shows.

A quarry was used for several scenes showing Wakanda mountain landscapes. The quarry in Norcross, operated by Vulcan Materials, opens to the public once a year for the Quarry Crusher Run, this year on May 5.

The movie’s pivotal opening and ending scenes depicted apartments in Oakland, California, but the buildings featured were actually the Wheat Street Towers, an apartment complex east of downtown Atlanta, near the city’s Sweet Auburn Historic District.


A tour company called Atlanta Movie Tours takes visitors to some locations from “Black Panther” and other films on its Hero Tour and Best of Atlanta Tour.