Hip Hop at 50: Atlanta's QuestionATL unleashes his lyricism

Atlanta-area rapper, producer and advocate QuestionATL (Courtesy of QuestionATL)

Atlanta rapper and producer QuestionATL says he developed his lyricism at the age of five. He says he was influenced by Eminem’s instant ability to make up verses, which also led to him teaching himself how to play several instruments, including the piano.

Not only is the rapper known for his creative freestyle flows, he is also an advocate. As a blind artist, he is a founding member of the musical professional’s coalition RAMP’D, which stands for Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities.

“It’s been dope!” said QuestionATL, sharing his appreciation for the Atlanta hip hop scene.

“I’ve been welcomed, honestly. People don’t really look at my disability a lot, because I pull up and I show and prove. Atlanta is one of the best cities, and I hear this from everybody who is not from here and who come here. We really love our people and we’re open to collaboration.”

The artist is also inspiring youth as a member of the non-profit, Soulfood Cypher, which teaches youth communication through the art of freestyle rap.

On Friday’s “Closer Look,” QuestionATL spoke with host Rose Scott about his journey, his passion for hip hop, and how he’s making space for more artists with disabilities.

He also lit up the studio with some impromptu rhymes.