How sneaker culture is bolstering creativity and new careers in Atlanta

Sneakers in WABE host Jim Burress' over 600 pair collection. (Courtesy of Jim Burress)

Over the years, Atlanta has become known as the cultural capital of the South. Whether it’s due to the plethora of influential hip-hop and rap artists who explained that “The South got something to say,” the countless TV shows and movies filmed here, or it’s due to our delicious Southern food where most meat is fried or smoked and you can never go wrong with adding a little more butter to a dish.

And one can’t forget about the prominent museums, music venues and comedy clubs whose stages and walls have showcased thousands of influential artists.

Atlanta’s cultural melting pot of ATLien natives, Northern and Western transplants, and a robust immigrant community is how we’re able to say, “Atlanta influences everything proudly.” And one subculture, in particular, is quickly becoming mainstream due to its booming popularity… that’s sneaker culture.

In this feature, “City Lights” producer Summer Evans shares more on Atlanta’s thriving sneaker scene.