Juried exhibition 'Metro Montage' showcases expansive new works by contemporary artists in Marietta

“Clouds I” is Doug Pisik's piece in the Metro Montage exhibit. (Courtesy of Doug Pisik)

Each year, the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art hosts their juried art exhibition known as the “Metro Montage.” The 23rd annual Metro Montage is on view now and welcomes visitors to take in an expansive new gathering of impressive work of America’s contemporary artists. “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes was joined by curator Madeline Beck and featured artist and woodworker Doug Pisik.

Interview Highlights:

About the annual event and works showcased:

“This is a nationwide juried exhibition, which means we received submissions from across the country. We received over 900 this year. We jury it down to the best of the best, the hundred greatest pieces that a jury selects,” said Beck. She continued, “There is something in this exhibition for everybody. Even if you’ve never been to an art museum before, or you are an avid museum attendee, there is something that is going to appeal to everyone because there is so much different medium on display.”

About Pisik’s body of works:

“In the past, I’ve really focused on trying to highlight the beauty of wood any way I could to pull it into the viewer’s sight. When I take a look at trees, I think about grain patterns, I think about colors, I think I about textures and how they all work with each other. And I find when working with different woods, they are similar to the different colors of paints or textures used by visual artists,” said Pisik. He continued, “The piece I have this year [in the exhibit] is actually a painted piece highlighted in very simple colors. It [Cloud] is based off of viewing surrealistic paintings. It’s a surrealistic view of clouds. It was created actually with off pieces of wood that I had from previous projects. I really like using wood that normally other woodworkers and artists would just throw away. I try to find patterns and beauty in the odd pieces that are left behind from other projects.”

Metro Montage XXIII” is on view at Marietta Cobb Museum of Art through Sept. 3.