KSU professors leading the pathway for Asian American history taught in Georgia schools

From left to right: Kennesaw State University professors Dr. Theresa Alviar –Martin and Dr. Sohyun An. The professor recently received a research grant from the Spencer Foundation. (Photo courtesy of Kennesaw State University)

Two Kennesaw State University professors say the story of American history has usually been told from one perspective — but education should be equitable and inclusive for everyone.

Dr. Sohyun An, a  professor of social studies education, and Dr. Theresa Alviar-Martin, an associate professor of curriculum and instruction for Kennesaw State’s Bagwell College of Education, are leading an initiative to conduct research, spread awareness, and explore the need for diverse and complex stories of Asian American history to be taught in K-12 Classrooms in Georgia. They were both guests on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

They talked about recently receiving a $50,000 grant from The Spencer Foundation, which funds grants to support research in areas of education. The veteran educators shared how they plan to use the grant to support local teachers and students and fund their research project that focuses on incorporating Asian American history into Georgia’s school curriculum.

They also stressed the importance of learning about Asian American history and said that the push for further inclusion is not divisive—it’s enriching.

“If we open our minds, we get to realize that the history of America is much richer when we include these different voices,” said Alviar –Martin.