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“A Little More Fearless” – Classical Musicians Think Like Rock Musicians

Clibber Jones Ensemble bandleader Olivia Keifer in the group's instrument room
Credit Myke Johns / WABE

A recent article in The Strad, a magazine geared toward classical string musicians, bore the title “Classical Musicians Should Think More Like a Rock Band.” It’s a provocative idea, and here in Atlanta, it’s something that quite a few groups have been practicing for years—you are, for instance, just as likely to see an ensemble like Sonic Generator or Bent Frequency playing in an art gallery as you are onstage at the Rialto. WABE’s Myke Johns spoke to members of Atlanta’s music community and to Ivan Trevino, the drummer of Break of Reality and the author of the article—about what it means to think like a rocker.

For more on the shows at Eddie’s Attic, check their website hereThe Clibber Jones Ensemble’s music can be found on their website, and Ivan Trevino’s article in The Strad can be found here.