Tech Start-Up Aims To Inform More Voters On Local Races Ahead Of November

Branch team members passed out water and information about candidates to those waiting in line to vote during the June primaries.

Courtesy of Branch / WABE

The November election is less than 60 days away.

Candidates will use these next few weeks to make their case through ads, social media and canvassing.

Here in Atlanta, a technology start-up is preparing by interviewing local candidates running in races around the metro Atlanta area.

The company is called Branch, and the business’ goals is to make information about local and state elections more accessible. Branch packages straightforward information about each of the candidates in a podcast and through the company’s app.

“Closer Look” host Rose Scott spoke to branch’s founder, Walter Ley in June, shortly after the company launched.

On Wednesday’s edition of the program, Ley returned to the program to discuss how his company is preparing for November and to share the data he gathered from the June primaries.


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