Longtime WABE host Robert Hubert mourned by colleagues

Photo by WABE
Long-time WABE host Robert Hubert has died at the age of 72. He was known for hosting the shows "Nocturne," and "Atlanta Music Scene," among others programs over the years. (WABE)

WABE is sad to report the death of our former colleague Robert Hubert, whose voice was heard for decades on 90.1 as he guided listeners through classical music programs with his distinctive, calm and rich voice. He was most passionate about opera and was fluent in both French and Italian.

Hubert hosted the program “Nocturne” and “Atlanta Music Scene” among others on WABE.

“Robert was a seasoned broadcaster with a strong work ethic. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of classical music and loved to pass on all he knew through the programming he produced. He certainly had a voice for radio, and I will miss it,” said Richard Firth, operations director for WABE Radio and TV.

WABE’s former general manager Earl Johnson said of Hubert, “Next to Lois Reitzes, Bob Hubert had the second most recognizable voice on WABE. I’m now visualizing him narrating the soundtrack for the universe.”

Dave Barasoain, director of radio programming at WABE, said, “Bob liked to keep his head down and do his work. He wasn’t big on small talk, but like many quiet people, at times, all you had to do was ask. If you wanted to talk about opera or throw out a few words in Italian, he was all smiles.”

He continued, “Bob was a great asset to 90.1 WABE and, by extension, to the community that loved his appreciation of the classics as well as his wonderful voice.”

Hubert left WABE full time in 2015, but continued to host “Atlanta Music Scene” on WABE Classics until his passing. He was 72 years old.

Those of us here at WABE who remember him, do so with great fondness and we will miss Robert Hubert.