Longtime Hammonds House Museum Director Retires

Myrna Fuller stands in front of Hammonds house (far right). She recently retired as director of Hammonds House Museum.
Credit Courtesy of Hammonds House Museum
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A director’s tenure has come to an end. Myrna Fuller headed the West End’s Hammonds House Museum for 13 years. During her time there, she oversaw over 50 exhibits, initiated documentation of their permanent collection and developed partnerships with artists and organizations around Atlanta.

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“Our mission is to preserve, collect and actually interpret art of the African Diaspora,” Fuller said in an interview with Lois Reitzes. “We focus on embracing all cultures because every culture has its own rich background and flavor, and by blending those commonalities, we can see how we can work together more.”

One of the cornerstones of her directorship was a focus on education. She established Kids’ EyeView programming, which includes a summer camp, workshops for kids and free community days.

“That was a very aggressive thought in my mind, to make sure that children, especially children of color, who often don’t know of  artists that looks like themselves and how they can become artists,” she said. “My dream has also been to fuse arts with the academic subjects to use art to teach reading, literature and even mathematics.”

Fuller retired at the end of April but plans to keep volunteering with Hammonds House.