Mall West End co-owner shares updates on proposed redevelopment

A recent presentation to West End Neighborhood Development included renderings of a before and after of the Mall West End, as viewed from Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. (Prusik Group/BRP)

The Mall West End began negotiations for redevelopment with New York City-based Prusik Group last year, and the project’s latest plans have received growing support within the neighborhood.

Prusik says it aims to focus on community-conscious development and currently expects the project to bring over 500 new full-time jobs to West End.

Charles Taylor, co-owner of the Mall West End, attributes the final steps of approving the project to decision-making by the Atlanta city government.

“The group is ready to sit down and make this all happen,” he shared on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

“Right now it’s all up to the city to come through and work something out.”

​​Note of disclosure: Charles Taylor is the principal owner of H.T. West End LLC and current board chair of the WABE Foundation, and a former board chair of AETC, Inc., which operates WABE.