MINT’s Exhibition ‘Good Trouble’ Highlights Emerging Artists

"Good Trouble" is the latest exhibition from Atlanta's MINT Gallery.
"Good Trouble" is the latest exhibition from Atlanta's MINT Gallery.
Credit MINT

“Good Trouble” is the latest exhibition from Atlanta’s MINT Gallery. The exhibition is a collection of video, still photography and installation art taken from the ACP 2020 “Ones to Watch” artists.

The exhibit is curated by Mary Stanley and features works centered around race, gender, identity, and social equity. The exhibition features nine emerging artists, all of whom use that work as a way to let their voices be heard.

One such artist is Rosie Brock, a photographer from Athens, Georgia. Her work focuses on the culture and mythology of the American South. “Good Trouble” will feature “Teen Cowboy,” taken by Brock in 2017.

Stanley and Jessica Helfrecht, interim executive director and program director at MINT, joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes for a conversation about “Good Trouble” and the different talented artists it features.

The exhibit will be on view at the MINT Gallery through Nov. 28.

Interview Highlights:

Jessica on why “Good Trouble” is important to Atlanta’s art community:

“There is so much talent in Atlanta and so many artists of all mediums here. So MINT really acts as that access point to get your feet in the art community. That’s also what Mary’s [Stanley] doing with the ‘Ones to Watch’ emerging artists. It’s just a way for artists to come and show their work that might be experimental might not be something that would totally be in a retail gallery, and introduce audiences to new faces and new talent. I think the emerging artists are so important to the ecology. It’s the beginning of somebody’s career and to have a couple of places in Atlanta where that’s welcome.”

About the work of artist Patrick di Rito:

“I think he uses upbeat colors and juxtaposes them with some very difficult and demanding subject material to sort of ease the viewer into the dialogue that he’s trying to create. A lot of the work in his Queer Color series that is presented is very dark, and it has a lot of angles to it.  I think the color is a vehicle that he uses. He’s an architect and a designer. “

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