‘Mom Trotter’ on a mission to guide, inspire families of color to travel together

Thailand is among 47 countries Kay Akpan has visited with her family, all while hoping to guide and inspire families of color to travel together. (Unsplash Image: Mathew Schwartz)

Kay Akpan has a mission, and it includes full-time RV travel, international travel and homeschooling.

In fact, Akpan has made a lifestyle out of taking trips around the world with her family in tow, while hoping to inspire others to do the same.

Whether it’s on the road in a large recreational vehicle or globetrotting, Akpan says it’s especially important for the kids in order to raise them as global citizens.

Akpan is also the founder of Black Kids Do Travel, an organization aiming to encourage parents with children of color to travel together and show them the world.

Known as the Mom Trotter, Akpan took time inside the family RV to share some of the family’s adventures on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”