Morehouse Student’s Extra Credit Video Goes Viral

Morehouse College student Julien Turner's extra credit assignment for a biology course has gone viral.
Credit Screenshot from YouTube

For extra credit in his biology class, Morehouse student Julien Turner created a rap video. It has now been viewed more than 950,000 views on YouTube.

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He not only scored extra points for his video, but he and his brother signed a contract with Sesame Street to develop content for the show.

He spoke to Closer Look’s Rose Scott about his company, Dreadhead Films, and his deal with the educational television series.

“My professor, Dr. Davenport, gave us the opportunity to get a curve at the end of semester,” Turner said. “The assignment was to make a music video that covered any topic that we reviewed in the class and I remembered a few weeks ago about it.”

Turner said he turned to his notes for some help and then recorded the song on his phone. With help of a friend, he recorded the music video on campus.

The song, ” XY Cell Life” describes the life of a cell and is based on a song by rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

Turner and his 15-year-old brother Justen co-own a film production company called “Dreadhead Films.” Before his biology video went viral, Turner said he and his brother were already in talks with the folks at  Sesame Street to make some videos for the show.

Having an educational video go viral helped that process along, Turner said. The brothers now have a contract to produce content for the show’s next season.