National Black Arts Festival, DJ Rasta Root honor 50 Years of hip-hop

Rapper’s Delight: 50 Years of Hip Hop, an upcoming event hosted by The National Black Arts Festival, aims to create an interactive experience showcasing the wide-range culture of Hip Hop. (Courtesy of Gordon Cowie)

The National Black Arts Festival will host a special event: Rapper’s Delight: 50 Years of Hip Hop. The aim is to highlight the wide-range culture of hip-hop in an interactive way. 

Ahead of the block party celebrating the genre, the NBAF members were joined by DJ Rasta Root, who discussed the history, depth and current state of hip-hop, as well as the art of DJing and working with artists like A Tribe Called Quest.

“Hip-hop and rap are resilient,” said DJ Rasta Root. “And it’s traveled through so many different times and forms and fashions that I think with the right people in place to tell the story, to keep the story, to create the story, and keep writing the story, it will be okay.”

The festival will be held from 8 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, June 10.