Notable Names: Who’s been subpoenaed in the Fulton County special grand jury?

Fulton County’s investigation of illegal attempts to overturn the 2020 election is ongoing. Dozens of witnesses and targets have been subpoenaed and have testified before the special grand jury. Continue reading to view the public officials and fake electors involved.

Find more information on the special purpose grand jury here.

Update: The special grand jury was dissolved on Jan. 9, 2023.

Public Officials

Updated 01/09/23

Chris CarrGeorgia Attorney GeneralTestified
Geoff DuncanFormer Georgia Lieutenant GovernorTestified
Janine EvelerCobb County elections directorTestified
Michael FlynnFormer White House national security advisorTestified
Newt GingrichFormer U.S. House speakerTestified
Lindsey GrahamU.S. SenatorTestified
Erica HamiltonFormer DeKalb County elections directorTestified
Jody HiceU.S. House Rep. (Georgia)Testified
Burt JonesLieutenant Governor, former Georgia SenatorDisqualified
Jen JordanGeorgia Senator, nominee for Attorney GeneralTestified
Brian KempGovernor of GeorgiaTestified
William LigonFormer Georgia SenatorTestified
Mark MeadowsFormer White House Chief of StaffTestified
Bee NguyenFormer Georgia House Rep.Testified
Elena ParentGeorgia SenatorTestified
Brad RaffenspergerGeorgia Secretary of StateTestified
David RalstonFormer Georgia House Rep.Testified
Donald TrumpFormer U.S. PresidentNot subpoenaed

Fake Electors

All fake electors are targets in the investigation.

Mark AmickGeorgia Republican Foundation
Joseph BrannanGeorgia GOP
Ken CarrollGeorgia GOP
Brad CarverGeorgia Republican Foundation
Vikki ConsiglioGeorgia GOP
John DowneyCobb County GOP
Carolyn FisherGeorgia GOP
Kay GodwinGeorgia Republican Foundation
David HannaAtlanticus Holdings Corporation
Mark HennessyHennessy Automobile Companies
Burt JonesGeorgia Senator, nominee for Lt. Gov.
Cathleen LathamCoffee County GOP
Daryl MoodyGeorgia Republican Foundation
David ShaferGeorgia Republican Foundation
Shawn StillGeorgia GOP, nominee for Georgia Senate
C.B. YadavGeorgians First Commission

Who are the fake electors?

The fake electors posed as members of the Electoral College in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results. Georgia is one of seven swing states that had fake electors — all states Biden won in the presidential election. The plan — potentially illegal and unconstitutional — was proposed by John Eastman, a conservative law professor, just after the 2020 election.

What was the plan?

Eastman proposed that state legislatures could appoint the fake electors to replace the legitimate electors that elected Joe Biden. Trump would then have enough electoral votes to win on Dec. 14, 2020, when when the electoral vote was officially counted. They failed to convince state legislatures to certify the fake electors, including in Georgia, where Rudy Giuliani testified before Georgia lawmakers asking them to certify the fake electors.

In a final effort, Eastman proposed that the existence of fake electors might be enough to overturn the election if Vice President Mike Pence would cooperate with the plan. The fake electors’ declaration of legitimacy would be reason enough for Pence to declare the outcome of the election was in doubt, according to the plan. This action could eventually lead to the U.S. House electing a president — potentially Trump.

In December 2020 Giuliani submitted the slates of fake electors to the National Archives. When the legitimate electoral college convened in each state to elect Biden as president, the fake electors also gathered to sign official documents stating they were legitimate electors. In Georgia, the 16 individuals secretly gathered at the State Capitol to do so.

However, during the largely ceremonial tallying of votes on Jan. 6, Pence certified Biden’s win and did not recognize the fake electors. For an in-depth explainer, read more here.

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