Nothing Alienating About Henry Winkler And Lin Oliver’s ‘Alien Superstar’

Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver co-author the new children's book "Alien Superstar."
Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver co-author the new children's book "Alien Superstar."
Credit Summer Evans / WABE

Henry Winkler understands superstars.

He is one himself, beginning with his phenomenal success as Fonzie on “Happy Days” — to his current Emmy award-winning portrayal of Gene Cousineau on HBO’s series “Barry.” Alongside his acting, Winkler has dedicated several years to writing children’s books with longtime co-author Lin Oliver.

They are in town for the Marcus JCC Book Festival on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. They will be discussing their new book, “Alien Superstar.” The book follows a six-eyed, blue alien, Buddy Burger. His grandmother, Grandma Wrinkle, cobbles together a rocket ship to help Buddy leave his repressive home planet. The rocket ship lands in the back lot of Universal Studios.

“In the back lot, there are strollers who walk around dressed as Bart Simpson and Harry Potter, so when an alien disembarks from a spaceship at Universal, no one even gives a nod,” Oliver said. “They’re like ‘Oh, that’s a cool costume dude.'”

The book follows Buddy’s journey into stardom while he plays a heartthrob on a hit TV show. With all this new-found attention, he tries to strike a balance between fame and hiding his real identity. This book is perfect for middle school age readers with fart jokes and punny names for characters.

“Lin and I truly believe that humor is the beginning and the end of capturing a reader. Lin always says, ‘it’s the gateway to capturing a reader and making them a reader for a lifetime,'” Winkler said.

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