Novel ‘Invisible As Air’ Explores The Effects Of Drug Addiction On Families

Credit Zoe Fishman

Atlanta author Zoe Fishman was just named the winner of the Literary Fiction Georgia Author of the Year award for her new novel, “Invisible as Air.” Fishman has made a name for herself with other works, including “Inheriting Edith,” “Saving Ruth” and “Driving Lessons”

Her latest book tells the story of Sylvie, wife of Paul, and mother of twelve-year-old boy Teddy. The story is set three years after the miscarriage of her daughter Delilah. Stricken by undealt with grief Sylvie turns to pills, while her husband develops a severe spending addiction.

Fishman on why drug addiction is so prevalent but often not discussed within the family, “Drug addiction often isn’t acknowledged or seen simply because people are too busy looking at or thinking about themselves.”

Fishman joined Lois Reitzes to talk about her book, and how her own grief informed her writing.

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