Oakland Resilient Families remains one of the largest guaranteed income programs in the country

For “Closer Look’s” Paycheck to Paycheck series, Rose talks with Jesús Gerena, the CEO of UpTogether, and Alisha Roe, an Oakland Resilient Families program participant, about the challenges and successes of the guaranteed income program. (Photos courtesy of Gerena and Roe)

Alisha Roe, who adopted her eight-year-old grandson, says being a part of a guaranteed income program has allowed her to pay off debt, build her credit and save for her grandson’s college education.

Roe, an  Oakland Resilient Families program participant, and Jesús Gerena, the CEO of the Oakland-based nonprofit UpTogether, joined, “Closer Look” for the program’s Paycheck to Paycheck series.

During the conversation, they talked with program host Rose Scott about a partnership between UpTogether and Mayors for a Guaranteed Income to create the Oakland Resilient Families program.

“I just hope that from this, that other people will look at Oakland and see these types of guaranteed programs do work,” said Roe.

During the conversation, Gerena and Roe further discussed several other topics, including solutions to reduce poverty and increase wealth through guaranteed income programs.