Outgoing Atlanta Housing CEO discusses the city’s affordable housing challenges

Eugene Jones Jr., the president and CEO of Atlanta Housing, is stepping down. He joins “Closer Look,” to discuss the current challenges of affordable housing in Atlanta and offers reflection about the progress his agency has made to combating it. (Tiffany Griffth/WABE)

Moving fast and moving forward. That’s how Eugene Jones Jr., the president and CEO of Atlanta Housing, describes how his agency is pacing to address the city’s affordable housing issues.

Working alongside Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens as the leader of Georgia’s largest affordable housing provider, Jones says he’s proud of the work that he and his team members were able to accomplish.

“I just feel good about it,” said Jones. “I feel good where I’m at. I feel good where I’m leaving it. No one can contest that we didn’t do, that we didn’t partner — that we didn’t do everything that we can financially with all of the resources that we have.”

Now, after a four-year tenure as CEO, Jones is stepping down from his post. His resignation goes into effect on Dec. 31.

On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Jones talked with show host Rose Scott about the ongoing work of his agency and the progress and challenges he faced on the front lines of the housing crisis.

He also provided updates about the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the redevelopment of the Atlanta Civic Center site and what’s next for him in retirement.