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DorMiya Vance

Southside Reporter

I cover all things culture and social justice on the Southside of Atlanta. I like to push conceptual pieces with a mix of some solutions journalism, usually focusing on communities of color and personal story experiences. My coverage is transformative, so that’s why I believe it’s important to WABE. I like pushing my creativity while maintaining the craft’s foundational elements so that the public trusts me and can have true representation that also amplifies Atlanta.

I’m new to this, but I’m still true to this! I worked in North Carolina at my HBCU’s campus newspaper before graduating with my Bachelor’s in Communications and Media Studies in 2022. I also spent some time with the city paper in Fayetteville, NC, The Fayetteville Observer. I’ve dabbled in music/Hip Hop journalism as well, but WABE welcomed me in 2022. I do have plans to complete my Master’s very soon.

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