WABE People

DorMiya Vance


How many years have you been in Atlanta?


Why is the work WABE does in amplifying Atlanta vital to our communities?

“The work of WABE keeps our communities and neighborhoods informed because they have a right to know what’s going on in the places they live. WABE pushes diversity and inclusion, which is Atlanta. Atlanta is mecca for opportunity, and WABE does a great job highlighting that and the roots of the people and communities here.


What’s your favorite part about being a part of the WABE team?

My favorite part of working on the WABE team is the team. I am surrounded by talented journalists who care about the work they do for the newsroom and the city of Atlanta. I love highlighting and capturing Black communities’ stories and doing the work that matters to me and others that look like me. I just love being in a newsroom that accepts me and pushes my creativity.

What makes Atlanta “Atlanta”? What makes the Greater Metro area special?

“What make Atlanta “Atlanta” is the people and rich history when it comes to music and entertainment. I also think its special because of the hope in this city. Hope drives Atlanta even at it’s lowest points, the people here will also have hope.”