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Dr. Ford Vox


Every Thursday WABE 90.1 brings Atlanta an in-depth conversation on important medical news you might have missed. We call it the “WABE Medical Minute,” and you’ll hear it on “Morning Edition” and later in the day on “Closer Look.” Jim Burress and Dr. Ford Vox go beyond the headlines to explain what you need to know about how healthcare is changing and medical science is progressing. Vox, who also writes commentary and journalism for CNN and other outlets, doesn’t mince his words. We aim to cut through the cacophony of health news to tell you what’s bunk and what’s worth your time, attention, and even adoption.

Dr. Ford Vox is a medical journalist and commentator who has served as WABE 90.1’s medical analyst since 2015. As an investigative journalist, Vox has twice taken on Amazon.com: first over illegal sales of prescription drugs and later, caffeine powder. He wrote wide-ranging reports for The Atlantic, ranging from an expose on how the orthopedic device industry influenced the numbers of American spine surgeons, an exploration of how a Texas newspaper got hoodwinked into helping Scientology in its battle against psychiatry, a challenge to the role of Georgia’s doctors in the state’s death penalty, and essays on media ethics. At CNN, Vox aims to apply fresh insight to the biggest stories, tackling topics like Prince’s death, Maria Sharapova’s suspension, health policy communication and physician gag laws. In his medical practice, Vox is specialist in brain injury medicine, overseeing the care in one of Shepherd Center’s two inpatient brain injury units. He graduated from Rhodes College and received his medical training at the University of Alabama, Washington University in St. Louis and Boston University.