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Emily Jones


Emily Jones covers climate change and climate solutions as part of a partnership between WABE and Grist.

She previously covered the Georgia coast and hosted “Morning Edition” for Georgia Public Broadcasting. She’s worked for the Wall Street Journal Radio Network, WHYY in Philadelphia, and WBRU and RIPR in Providence.

In addition to anchoring and reporting news at WBRU, Emily hosted the alt-rock station’s Retro Lunch as her DJ alter-ego, Domino.

You can follow Emily on Twitter @ejreports or find her in your local marsh.

How many years have you been in Atlanta?

“I’m in Savannah! (I’ve been here for eight years).”

Why is the work WABE does in amplifying Atlanta vital to our communities?

“It’s essential for Atlantans to have clear, factual information in this fraught time — and to hear from their neighbors and fellow Georgians. You can’t advocate for yourself and your community unless you’re informed.”

What’s your favorite part about being a part of the WABE team?

“It’s great to be part of a team that cares so deeply about their community, the stories they cover, and the real-life impacts of the news on everyday Georgians.”

What makes Atlanta “Atlanta”? What makes the Greater Metro area special?

“As a Savannahian, this is where I’ll put my plug in for the stunning natural beauty of the Georgia coast. We’re so lucky to still have so much wild marsh and swamp, and so much undeveloped green space on our barrier islands (I’m from the Northeast. Trust me: this is rare.) If you ever need a break from our booming capital city, check it out down here.”