WABE People

Rebecca Etter


How many years have you been in Atlanta?

“I’m a Georgia native but moved to Atlanta in 2010.”

Why is the work WABE does in amplifying Atlanta vital to our communities?

“Atlanta is changing fast and communities are struggling to keep up. I think the most important thing WABE can do for Atlanta is listen. Our audience isn’t just our biggest motivation and benefactor, it’s also our most valuable source.”

What’s your favorite part about being a part of the WABE team?

“I love how much WABE means to people. Anytime I tell someone what I do, they always came back with how much Lois or Rose means to them or a story that opened their eyes to something in Atlanta they never would have known about otherwise.”

What makes Atlanta “Atlanta?” What makes the greater metro area special?

“The essence of Atlanta to me is Busy Bee Cafe on a Sunday afternoon or The Earl on a Friday night. The Majestic Dinner on a Saturday at 3 a.m. The Plaza Theatre during a Wussy Mag showing. Street tacos on Buford Highway. The High Museum. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights. MLK’s life and legacy. John Lewis’ ‘Good Trouble.’ Keeping the faith in your favorite team no matter how long the losing streak. The only city in the world that could have created OutKast. Every neighborhood’s history and the people fighting tirelessly to preserve some small piece of it for future generations.”