Phoebe Putney Memorial In SW Georgia Is Treating A Wave Of COVID-19 Patients

The CEO of Phoebe Putney said the hospital is in “uncharted waters” right now.

Courtesy of Georgia Health News

The number of Georgians testing positive for coronavirus is changing by the hour.

And during one hour late last week, Southwest Georgia’s main hospital, Phoebe Putney in Albany, learned seven of the patients in its beds were confirmed to have COVID-19.

The tests for 41 other patients in its beds were pending.

It’s the latest “cluster” of the virus to break out in Georgia.

“Uncharted waters” is how the CEO of Phoebe Putney put it. And that’s true for every medical facility–large and small right now.

Andy Miller, Editor of Georgia Health News, spoke to WABE’s Jim Burress about COVID-19.

Burress asked Miller if  Phoebe Putney’s reach and location does make it a bit more challenging?

Burress also asked Miller, the difference of hospital options in metro Atlanta, and if a person were in southwest Georgia or other rural areas, might the individual have to travel to another county to be seen?  Be it Albany or Ashburn or Young Harris, what’s the landscape look like?

Phoebe Putney yesterday said it was opening a drive-through testing facility and hotline. That move would keep bodies out of the Emergency Department, but these tests don’t get instant results.

A Phoebe Putney official told Georgia Health News the hospital has available beds. And the hospital is well aware, additional patients are coming. The hospital says, “We’ve prepared well.”