Photographer Kimara Dixon emphasizes human form with a focus on the African Diaspora

"Between Worlds" by Atlanta-based photographer Kimara Dixon. (Courtesy of Kimara Dixon)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of the Arts,” local artists share insights into their influences, processes, and experiences in town. Kimara Dixon is an Atlanta-based photographer with a special focus on portraiture, dance and images relating to the African diaspora.

Raised in an artistic family, he caught the photography bug one day from his aunt’s boyfriend, who also taught him chess. “From there I took over my dad’s camera, which was an old Nikon F-2, and to this day, I still use the same lens and an old 50[mm] 1.4.” Dixon emphasizes the broad subject of human life and form in his work, saying, “I’m very curious about people. I like observing people, and photography gives me an excuse to do that.” His photos showcase body movement and expression, with subjects often posed in performance or simply sharing themselves with the camera.

Sometimes taking a documentarian’s approach, Dixon travels throughout the South extensively for photography and appreciates Atlanta as a home well-situated for these explorations. “I can just go down to New Orleans and photograph the Mardi Gras Indians. I can go to Mississippi and photograph the blues musicians and blues festivals. I can go down to Florida, Miami, and photograph folks.” His work can be found on his official website,, or at