Pipeline Leak Leads To Gas Shortages Throughout Georgia

John Haas / WABE

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Georgia drivers are beginning to feel the effects of a gasoline pipeline leak in Alabama.

The more than 330,000 gallon leak discovered Sept. 9 was in the Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston, Texas to New York.

“Lights are completely dark, there’s no one there. There’s signs on the pump. Yeah. I was like, I didn’t know it was this bad,” said Kimberly Williams, a resident of Atlanta.

Gov. Nathan Deal and other leaders in the region have declared a state of emergency so truck drivers can work longer hours to make up for the drop in supply.

“I just can’t imagine Georgia without gasoline for the next three days, you know, that would be awful. But I do have a strong belief in our leaders and I think that the situation will be fixed real quick,” said Amadou Diarra, a co-owner of a Shell gas station in East Cobb.

Colonial Pipeline officials are issuing updates several times a day, but have given no indication as to when the leak will be fixed.

But commuters are advised to take the situation in stride and not to hoard gasoline.

“Do what you normally do as far as filling up your tank.  That will keep the supplies flowing at a normal level.  We expect that as soon as that pipeline gets up and is operational, prices will level out,” said AAA spokesman Garrett Townsend.     

The average price for a gallon of gas in metro Atlanta is $2.47, according to AAA.

That’s 30 cents higher from last week.

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