PNC launches a bank on wheels in South Atlanta

PNC Bank showcases its commitment to the community with the recent mobile branch deployment in Atlanta, with the hope of facilitating easier and more accessible banking. (Photo courtesy of PNC Bank)

Chris Hill, senior vice president and the head of the PNC Mobile Branch program, says PNC is working to make banking more accessible to communities that are unbanked or underbanked.

“What we hear a lot of in communities that we are serving is that people had a banking relationship, or their parents or someone had one, and then they got into that vicious cycle of where they might have overdrawn their account, and they get to the point where they have a black mark on their banking history—and they have no other solution option but to go to those alternative means,” said Hill.

In an effort to provide solutions, PNC recently partnered with Focused Community Strategies at the Carver Market in South Atlanta to launch a 30-foot mobile branch on wheels.

On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Hill spoke about  PNC’s commitment to South Atlanta and the goals of the mobile branch program.