Closer Look with Rose Scott

Closer Look: Eliminating Cash Bail Bonds Pt. 2; Drones Smuggling Past Prison Walls; And More

January 30, 2018

Tuesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: We continue to look at the issue of cash bonds, following a recent announcement from Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms that her administration is proposing legislation to eliminate cash bonds to secure release from the City of Atlanta Detention Center following an arrest for violation of city ordinances. On Monday, we spoke to the Executive Director of the American Bail Coalition. Today, we look more closely at local efforts with Jonathan Rapping, president and founder of Gideon’s Promise, a local organization which focuses on training public defenders who work with indigent clients.
  • 21:13: Emory’s LGBTQ Legal Services (ELLS) is a community project that was announced to the public on Jan. 20. The first of its kind in the south, the volunteer clinic aims to provide free legal services for transgender individuals who are denied health insurance for transition-related care. The group also plans to compile a database of community resources for LGBTQ people in need of legal assistance. We’ll speak with Nicole Schladt and Faris Mohammed, Emory Law students who co-founded ELLS, as well as Jamie Harrell, business intelligence and analytics lead with Goizueta Technology Services at Emory.
  • 38:47: We know that drones can be used for everything from taking cool aerial videos to helping with disaster relief. Now, the technology is also being used to smuggle contraband into prisons. To combat this, representatives from Georgia’s prisons want lawmakers to draft a bill to address the issue. We learn more from Gregory Dozier, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections.

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