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Closer Look: On the Grounds of the West Side Quarry Yards Development; Lawmakers Discuss Cancer-causing Toxin in Parts of Smyrna, Covington

August 14, 2019

Wednesday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

  • 0:00: Rose Scott gives a news brief about Georgia Democrat Stacey Abram’s announcement that she is expanding her voting rights program Fair Fight Georgia to include a total of 20 battleground states.
Joel Bowman and Mark Teixeira of Urban Creek Partners share their vision for the Quarry Yards development and give “Closer Look” a tour of the grounds. Credit: Grace Walker
  • 2:18: Quarry Yards is a 70-acre mixed-use development currently being built on Atlanta’s west side. The project is expected to include the city’s largest park, as well as a 177-unit quality workforce and affordable housing community. We hear the vision of the developers, Joel Bowman and Mark Teixeira of Urban Creek Partners, and receive a tour of the grounds.
  • 34:39: The Environment Protection Agency released a report last year that found dozens of areas in the United States, including parts of Smyrna and Covington, had higher risks of cancer, largely due to a gas called ethylene oxide. We recently heard from Andy Miller and Brenda Goodman, two reporters from Georgia Health News and Web MD who first broke this story in Georgia. Today, Georgia Fourth District Congressman Hank Johnson, District Six Senator Jen Jordan, and District 40 Representative Erick Allen join Closer Look to discuss the state’s new investigation into ethylene oxide levels.
District 40 Representative Erick Allen, District Six Senator Jen Jordan and Georgia Fourth District Congressman Hank Johnson join Closer Look for a conversation about reports of pollution in Smyrna and Covington. Credit: Grace Walker

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler and Grace Walker. Joy Barge is a contributing producer.

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