Closer Look with Rose Scott

Closer Look: The Literary Works of Local Children’s Authors

June 1, 2018

Friday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott”:

Today’s special edition of Closer Look features the literary works of local children’s authors.

  • 0:00: “Something Happened In Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial Injustice” begins with the story of a Black man being shot by police. The children’s book, written by local psychologists Dr. Marianne Celano and Dr. Marietta Collins, aims to explain racial injustice to children through the eyes of a white and black family. Dr. Celano and Dr. Collins join us in-studio.
(From left to right) Dr. Marianne Celano and Dr. Marietta Collins pictured with Closer Look host Rose Scott are co-authors of the children’s book “Something Happened In Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial Injustice” (Imani Davis/WABE)
  • 17:54: “DOLL-E 1.0” tells the story of Charlotte, a young girl who uses her interests in STEM to turn an average doll, gifted to her by her parents, into a tech savy DOLL-E. A conversation with first-time children’s author Shanda McCloskey about the inspiration behind the book.
Author Shanda McCloskey pictured with her children’s book “DOLL-E 1.0”. (Imani Davis/WABE)
  • 32:26: The “Beato Goes To” book series chronicles the adventures of a cat named Beato who travels from his hometown of Atlanta to countries around the world including Greenland and Japan. Author Sucheta Rawal talks about the series, which was inspired by her real life cat.
Sucheta Rawal is the author of the “Beato Goes To” children’s book series. (Imani Davis/WABE)

Closer Look is produced by Candace Wheeler, Emilia Brock and Trevor Young.

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