Closer Look with Rose Scott

Equity in U.S. public schools still a struggle 7 decades after landmark Supreme Court ruling

March 18, 2024

This year marks 70 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Brown v. Board of Education. The historic decision outlawed segregation in schools across the nation. Fast forward to now, school systems are still facing multiple challenges and equity issues. On today’s edition of “Closer Look with Rose Scott,” we begin our weeklong series, “FAILING GRADE: Analysis of America’s Public Education Crisis.” The series explores the current state of education in Georgia and across the nation, from pre-K to higher-ed.


Guest include:


April M. Jackson, the co-founder of Black Microschools ATL


U.S. Department of Education Secretary Dr. Miguel Cardona


Kamau Bobb, the founding senior director of the Constellations Center for Equity in Computing at Georgia Tech


Ed Chang, the executive director of redefinED atlanta


Tiffany Fick, the director of School Quality and Advocacy at Equity in Education


Lupita Quezada, a program coordinator for the Latino Community Fund Georgia 

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