Closer Look with Rose Scott

More affordable housing options coming to East Lake; Guaranteed income program income aims to help Black mothers; New American Pathways continues its work to help refugees as they settle in Georgia

March 28, 2022

Amanda Rhein, the executive director of the Atlanta Land Trust, Inc., and Catherine Woodling, the deputy executive director of the East Lake Foundation, discuss a new land donation aimed at creating more affordable housing in the East Lake community.

For “Closer Look’s” Paycheck to Paycheck series, Rose talks with Aisha Nyandoro, the founding CEO of Springboard to Opportunities about Magnolia Mother’s Trust, the longest-running guaranteed income program in the U.S. for Black mothers.

Rose then talks with Paedia Mixon, the CEO of New American Pathways, and Maura Walters, a resettlement and placement coordinator at New American Pathways, about the many financial challenges people face as they resettle in Georgia. 

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