How Do You Atlanta?

ATL Salsa Festival, Georgia Beer Day, Biggie: A Celebration of Life, and more (March 7-10)

March 7, 2024


March blossoms with excitement, offering a myriad of vibrant events in Atlanta.

Sammie is eagerly anticipating the Atlanta Salsa and Bachata Festival—an immersive celebration promising a day filled with dynamic dance, enriching workshops, and lively music. To keep the rhythm alive, she’s looking forward to the enchanting Sleeping Beauty Ballet at the Gas South Theater.

Meanwhile, Mike has his sights set on the elixirs at Georgia Beer Day, a statewide revelry honoring Georgia’s delectable craft beers. Adding to his itinerary is the Golden Era of Hip Hop, where he’ll commemorate the life of the legendary Notorious B.I.G. at the Biggie: A Celebration of Life party. This event promises a journey through the singer’s life, times, and iconic music.

As you explore Atlanta’s vibrant scene, don’t miss out on these other noteworthy happenings:

 Atlanta Science Festival

Atlanta Fermentation Fest

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